Contracts will be for 12 months. In all cases your staff will be taken through the Health and safety requirements relevant to your business. Paperwork will be set up for you in a form the staff can use for their regular checks that health and safety requirements need to be adhered to. All first visits will be quoted separately in relation to the set up work and a safety audit being carried out, either internally or by ourselves. After this the following options are available:
Basic Maintenance

Monthly Fee This will be a planned visit whilst we are in the area Two visits per year. Fire Extinguishers serviced. Fire Alarms and Emergency Lighting checked Light bulbs replaced (if required) Control paperwork submitted with invoice. Visits to be scheduled and advised to both unit and head office. No emergency call out service provided.
Enhanced maintenance

As 1, A monthly fee but including any basic repairs required as previously advised but whilst we are on site. An emergency call out service, as per agreed parameters and timescales.
Option 3 of Service

As 2 but with further work carried out on visit if advised beforehand-these could include electrical, joinery and plumbing repairs plus general refurbishment in opening hours ie, back panels, tanks, counter beams .
Option 4 of service

Full upgrade of unit- to be specified and completed according to an agreed budget.
Option 5 of Service

If you require a full refit of your store we can work with you to plan according to you budget.